I was going to contact the California Attorney General’s office to ask them to investigate Direct Action Everywhere.  And, I have run out of steam. Contacting the Attorney General’s office was the final effort I wanted to make in order to bring DxE to justice and stop them from harming animal rights activists.

Ultimately, their actions hurt animals–human and non-human, because when animal rights activists are discouraged from doing their work the animals don’t get the attention they need.

DxE is a non-profit, and thus they are bound by non-profit laws. The Attorney General’s office oversees non-profits. I sincerely hope that DxE will address all these issues and more, because someone else with more energy and clout than I have might want to report them.

Here are the issues:

Misleading Fundraiser For Brad Johnson

DxE had a fundraiser for Brad Johnson, the former pig farmer who rescued 42 pigs, in order to help him get back on his feet. The fundraiser was misleading. Here are the facts. 


Lack of Financial Transparency

From the IRS, the revenue for Friends of DxE in 2017 was $809,946, and Friends of DxE apparently had $802,510 in assets at the end of 2017.

Will DxE be transparent–in a prominent place on its website–to its donors and to the public about its finances, including disclosing total annual revenue and an itemization of total annual expenses, including the amounts that go to fellows?

On a video about four months ago, DxE’s Jon Frohnmayer appeared to say that fellows receive $35,000/year. DxE’s website lists 12 fellows: https://www.directactioneverywhere.com/fellows. Page 13 of this PDF briefly discusses the finances, apparently as of 2017: https://www.directactioneverywhere.com/s/Activist-Handbook-Pages-PDF.pdf

Will DxE address whether fellows are qualifying for and receiving government benefits, including health insurance, and are knowingly forgoing receiving Social Security credits and potential workers’ compensation benefits for years in which their only income is a grant from DxE?

How are fellows chosen and by whom, and how are their fellowships renewed from year to year?

What are the decision-making roles of Amy Hsiung, Karl Jablonowski, and Julianne Perry, whose names have appeared in various positions on tax documents?

Who determines how the money donated to Friends of DxE is spent?


Wayne Hsiung is stepping down, Almira Tanner is taking is place–has a fair election taken place?

In this blog post I describe details that give me concerns about the fairness of Almira Tanner’s appointment.


DxE’s Lawyer slanders Brad Johnson, Pig Rescuer and former pig farm manager, on Facebook

Bonnie Klapper, Brad’s only contact with DxE after he left California, possibly violated the California Bar Code of Ethics, and revealed private information about Brad. Read about it here. 


I am unfairly banned indefinitely from the Animal Rights Center and all DxE activities

This is my story about the banning.  Here is the email I received from Paul Pickelseimer stating that I am banned.

AR Leaders denounce DxE

In the past, the people who have left DxE have been the ones who have shared their stories. Often the stories were anonymous and did not have enough facts to back up the truth. But recently, leaders in the vegan and animal rights community have been willing to share their experiences with DxE. In the past, ecofeminist Carol Adams has taken a great deal of her time to research DxE and spoke out against them.  Read their conclusions here. 

Vanessa Sol, a respected animal rights activist in New York courageously spoke out against DxE on her Facebook page. Many people agreed with her–instead of attacking her as I was attacked. Read here.

A Vegan leader recommends that people go to the District Attorney’s office with their complaints. Here are the reasons he advises this:

Dave Koot, San Francisco Vegan Events Meetup organizer (largest one in the Bay Area), recommended that this situation be reported to the Attorney General in this email sent to the Meetup, and sends an email announcing that DxE will not be allowed to post events on the Vegan Meetup site.

Kristy Osuna, passionate defender of intersectionalism, speaks against DxE on Facebook: https://isdxeacult.wordpress.com/2019/07/03/is-dxes-popularity-waning-kristy-osuna-speaks-out

Kristy was my most ardent supporter and defender when I faced countless attacks on Facebook.


A Vegan owner of a marketing business defends Patricia on Facebook as he  observes the negativity of so many people:



Christobal Van Breen, co-founder of DxE, and teacher of Kingian nonviolence, resigns because of “unhealthy conflict.” He refuses to speak against DxE. Yet his actions speak loudly Read more here 


DxE has been banned from the Oakland VegFest.


There are so many people who are criticizing DxE.

Are they all lying? You decide, after reading all of the above. There are many people who have written articles about DxE. And although a few are from big agriculture–I highly doubt that all these people are exaggerating.  Even the big ag reports have some valid claims. Read here. 


Wayne Hsiung deceives people. 

Read more here. 


Wayne steps down from being lead organizer after Patricia applies pressure. Is she revealing truth? Read more here. 

More questions:

Why is DxE not represented at the hugely successful annual Animal Rights Conference?