Ask Wayne Hsiung and other organizers why they are deserting Brad


  • Brad Johnson rescued 42 pigs at a Smithfield Pig Farm and Wayne Hsiung/Bonnie Klapper  reached out to offer support
  • DxE created a fundraiser for Brad so he could get back on his feet. DxE raised $18k.
  • Brad came out to California to support DxE, with Wayne’s promise that he would have full legal support. Brad hoped that the case would yield a Right to Rescue law. 
  • Wayne knew that once Brad aligned with DxE, his family, friends and entire community would turn against Brad. Brad trusted DxE to basically protect him and his family.
  • DxE made him sign a contract that allowed him to receive just $200 a week as a stipend for doing animal rights work
  • The fundraiser was misleading. Although he got some initial needs met from the fundraiser, the $200 a week did not help him get back on his feet as promised. 
  • Jon Frohnmayer was assigned to help Brad do weekly 8 hours of activism in order to earn the stipend. Brad contacted Jon, and never heard back. 
  • When Brad returned to North Carolina after bonding and touring with Wayne and other organizers, Bonnie Klapper, attorney, was Brad’s only contact. 
  • Bonnie Klapper says she paid $2000 out of her own pocket to pay for a lawyer, Jessie Scharf
  • Jessie says that he did the case pro bono, and that $2000 is in an account that was to be used for something else besides paying him. 
  • Jessie says he is leaving North Carolina and his career, and cannot take Brad’s case.  
  • Bonnie Kapper slanders Brad publicly on Facebook. 
  • Bonnie says that Brad should use funds that were supposed to help him get back on his feet–for his legal fees. 
  • DxE is dropping all legal support for Brad. DxE has totally let Brad down. 
  • Even though DxE says on a petition that Brad’s case is groundbreaking, DxE will not say why they are giving up on this case. 

I have screenshots of communications between Attorney Bonnie Klapper and Brad that prove my allegations. If I am wrong, I risk being sued by DxE, an organization which has plenty of lawyers who can easily come after me. I have evidence which I will continue to publish on my blog. I am not afraid.

 I have repeatedly asked the core and other organizers to work with me so that I don’t need to continue posting on this blog. I have received zero responses to my emails. I hope that DxE leaders will admit their mistakes and make amends. 

Patricia Mikkelson, Whistle Blower