Noah Gurley, who I met at the Animal Liberation Conference, was really grateful to me when I was willing to stop and offer empathic listening when he was feeling anxious. I feel so grateful for his words. We are become friends.

Patricia is the most kind wholesome talented, well spoken, role model at Animal Liberation Conference. The fact that she is being banned from Berkeley Animal Rights Center by DXE is wrong somehow. As a DXE chapter member I am at liberty to voice my opinion, here on my Facebook. Why is it such a political fiasco with her.
On the day she disrupted I had not yet arrive but the Domininion movie was being presented and it was really intense. But the politics of the United kingdom was introduced in which a certain strategy had successfully shutdown a massive pig slaughterhouse documented in the movie.
But Patricia represents an apparently more matriarchal animal rights activism which inherently represents a larger body of people.
It is very upsetting to me, that people are not allowing themselves to believe in the kindness and wholesome qualities that Patricia represents. I think if we did there is a better future for both the organization DXE and for animal rights, and the better future for animals and our planet. Patricia being banned from DXE is representative of a repressive government system that should not be allowed.
And I think the cause of this is belief systems that don’t allow for new and creative ways, and more inclusive and integrated strategies that Patricia could introduce as a representative of both women and of her heritage and her unique age and generation in our group I think.