Diana Navon wrote this letter to Dave Koot, the organizer of the San Francisco Vegan Event Meetup who banned DxE from posting events on the Meetup group. You can read his reasons here.

Dave has received at least two letters from DxE organizers who are members of the Meetup. Both of the people are ones I thought were two of the kindest people in DxE who I considered my friends. Diana took me out for coffee and a vegan donut on my birthday last year, and consistently lavished me with praise–right up until I left DxE.

This letter was supposed to be a private letter to Dave, but it accidentally got sent to the hundreds of people who are on the Meetup. I feel compelled to refute Diana’s character assassination.

“To Diana . . . . . On August_______ 2019, you made the following false statements about me. You made them to the members of the SF Vegan Events Meetup. (itemize the statements)

Each of said statements was false and was defamatory. Many of said statements were so defamatory as to constitute in my opinion libel per se.

The true facts are as stated below in response to your letter.

I demand that within ten days from the date of this post, you retract, fully and without qualification, each and every aforesaid statement. That you retract it in the same manner and to the same audience to which you made them.

If you fail to so retract said statements, I will pursue all remedies available to me at law and in equity.

I will be posting this on my blog as a prime example of how DxE members behave.

I am going to respond to Diana by talking by refuting each of her statements:

This list of recommendations from a variety of people can give you a sense of the history of my leadership abilities. I am 65 years old and have a history of being a successful leader.




Diana, I feel so confused. How could you know all of this? The only working group I was in was the music working group. You were not in that group. You never were present with me when I attended core group meetings, was with Wayne and Paul or other leadership.

I consider all of this to be purely hearsay. One of the things that people who have told me is that if a person starts questioning the authority of core leaders,  is that they will have false rumors spread about them.

In a court of law, everything you shared would be thrown out as hearsay. You were not a witness to any of this.

Hi Dave,

I would like to talk with you about Patricia. I am not in leadership but I have been a member of DxE for about three years and I’m an organizer and activist with them.

I  also support In Defense of Animals And PETA.
While I  care about Patricia,  and so does Wayne, Priya and others, she has repeatedly behaved in an abusive and obsessive way towards Wayne and Paul.
Abusive and obsessive are judgements. Retract this statement immediately or else give specific examples so that people can decide for themselves if my actions could be called such things.

At one time, when I considered you a close friend, I confided in you what my issues were with them, and you were willing to listen and reassure me that Wayne, especially, was a really good person who you considered to be like a son to you. I wanted wise feedback, and you inspired me to trust Wayne.

I was persistent in trying to get Wayne to do mediation with me.  After  working with him for 2 months on helping him get the circles project get off the ground, and he praised me extravagantly. When I presented some concerns I had about how an organizer was treating me, he changed his treatment of me entirely. He said hurtful things to me and I wanted to have a chance to respond. He said he could listen to my views in 2 weeks, and I saw that as being totally unfair.

I did demand mediation at that time, and threatened him. I said, If you don’t engage in mediation with me, I will start blogging about my experience.” This is how traumatized I was feeling after Wayne’s shocking treatment.  People who had left DxE had warned me that Wayne did things like “love bombing” them and then severely criticizing them. I realized that maybe what they said was true, and I wasn’t going to let him do this to me in secret.

A week or so later, when I came to the animal rights center, Wayne cordially invited me to talk. We were able to have a series of about 4 conversations which Wayne seemed to welcome. I did not make demands of him or insult him, but was really willing to listen to him.

We had a conversation on Facebook live. Wayne accepted my written criticism with great sincerity and thanked me for pointing this out. The reason we did the video was because in our last conversation, he asked me “What else can I do for you?” I said, “How about doing a live Facebook video and explain to people how we successfully resolved this conflict. I talked about this in a blog post I wrote last year.

I left Berkeley soon after this event because I wanted to be present for my family because a tragedy had occurred. Wayne was so kind and sympathetic about the death of my grandson. I really thought we were connected again–more deeply now that we had worked through a conflict successfully.

In the 9 months that followed, I did watch just about every video that Wayne posted. I wanted to support him. I always said supportive things. Even the time I gently chastised him about using the term “right wingers” as a label, he responded with gratitude. There was no sign that we had anything but good intentions between us. Unless my comments have been deleted, this can be easily proven.

I was eager to come back to Berkeley and resume our good working relationship. I knew that the circles project still needed fine-tuning, and I was glad to see what I could do to help.

I arrived on the Saturday before the Animal Liberation Conference (ALC). I saw Wayne, and he was busy on his computer. He had told me before that he was going to start being available before the Saturday Meetup because I helped him realize that he needed to be more accessible to people.

I sat by him on the couch, and he looked over at me and smiled. “Let’s catch up soon,” he said warmly.

I was not offended and went to meet all the other friends who seemed to be really glad to see me.

During the ALC, Wayne seemed to be preoccupied. I did not approach him, thinking he was busy. I did not stand in line to talk to him, wanting to give others time to talk.

The next time I had a chance to talk to Wayne was after the conference at the Saturday morning meet up. I was starting to get concerned that Wayne’s conversation which seemed to result in reconciliation was not sincere. I had heard from Boston DxE chapter how they had been given the run around by Paul Pickelseimer and Matthew McKeafry. I did attend a meeting with Paul where the group of Boston DxE members asked some hard questions–with me being perhaps the most outspoken.

None of were satisfied with Paul’s answers which still seemed vague and even amusing towards the members. I offered to contact Jeri Devereax who had been the person to go to for conflicts during the ALC. She willingly came and talked to us. She told all of us that she was disappointed in how the whole matter had been handled, and inferred that if things did not get better with DxE, she might be leaving.   She has since withdrawn her support.

I did confront Wayne gently about how I thought he did not represent the facts accurately about the big action during the ALC. A young, very active DxE organizer was present and said, “oh you are wrong. Wayne was totally accurate.”

Then,  I heard Wayne say these words to me on Sat.  June 8, 2019, when there was about 100 people in the Animal Rights Center, I was shocked because his tone was so sharp and intense.

 “Stay out of this conflict with the Boston DxE Chapter. You are always escalating conflict.” the rest of the conversation went like this: 

Patricia: Will you engage in mediation with me?

Wayne: No

Patricia: Why

Wayne: I don’t have time

Patricia: will you put that in writing?

Wayne: No

Patricia: (shouting very loudly) WHY WON’T YOU ENGAGE IN MEDIATION WITH ME?

I was angry because I realized that all the reconciliation that Wayne acted like he was going through with me was just another love bombing technique.

Later, I apologized for shouting at him. I do think that shouting at someone like that is not correct. However, I would not call it abusive.

Since then, I have written numerous blog posts with factual evidence showing that Wayne is not the humble, kind, empowering leader he tries to presents presents himself as being. He has since stepped down. You can read my articles here.

As a whistle blower, I feel compelled to write all the facts. I was in some ways an insider because I chose to attend all the core meetings and chapter meetings, and because I needed to work somewhat closely with Wayne because he really needed my help.

She has caused discord and trouble when ever she gets involved in a working group.

If this were true, then I would not have so many friends when I was in DxE. If you look at my Facebook page in the past, especially during the 2 month period when I worked 40-60 hours a week as a volunteer for DxE, anyone can see that I was very well liked.

I helped Jon Frohnmayer and Jackie Cassandra start a new group, the Alma Gathering. They said they wanted to start a spiritual circle for DxE members, and I was the one who called several meetings and together we very harmoniously organized the weekly. group which was still going on when I attended the 2019 ALC . In fact, I facilitated the group.

I attended as many working groups as I could in order to get the big picture. I was always cognizant of the fact that I was a guest, and I did my best to make short comments only when I thought they would really help.
I attended every core working group that was held when I was active-about 8. I was always cooperative, and in fact, a bit too supportive of Wayne.
At the first monthly chapter meeting, I was so excited to be there and I think I even was the mic runner. I may have disrupted the meeting a bit by singing “how could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than beautiful.” which took about 90 seconds. I was so excited to be with all these people who I loved, and who I thought loved me–I wanted to express my heart.
the second chapter meeting, I was feeling very concerned about DxE, and asked some hard questions which upon retrospect, I realize were not very good answers. the main one was when I said, Maybe if finances were more transparent, we could get more money.” Julia answered sharply–it is easy to see the finances. we are very transparent. But they are not, I have now discovered with help from my friends.
I was recruited into the Music Working Group by Kat Faelin. She really pressured me to get involved because when I sang at the chapter meeting, she was enamored with my voice. Her actions towards me were also what I think were an example of love-bombing. Her treatment of me was so hurtful that I still have trauma when I think about it. I have written my list of concerns, which I submitted to Wayne and Paul back then, here.
I visited in the Vegans of the Bay working group once, and was very welcomed and cooperative. I loved working with Jackie Cassandra.
In the Communities working group, which I was a member of, I volunteered to take notes once when there was about 15 people attending who wanted to give feedback about the circles. transcribing the notes took about 10  hours–because I wanted to be very thorough.
I took notes in another group as well.
I followed through with all my assignments.  even the one that I worked on for about 30 hours, the circles proposal based on my and other people’s feedback–was completely rejected by kitty because it was too long. I accepted that decision sadly but willingly.
As a member of the music working group, during the meetings I was always cooperative and sometimes even a peace maker. I accepted things like being told that I had to change most of the songs I had already worked on for the choir–because they were from other movements. I willingly accepted the decision, and worked abut 8 more hours changing the songs, and practicing them and making a practice ape.
diana was not a member of any of these groups, although she did attend the chapter meeting where I may have had a slight edge to my voice when I commented. One other time at the last community meeting I attended, I tried to bring up how much I was hurt by what happened between Wayne and I. I quickly saw that this was going to be distracting, and I left the meeting practically in tears, but with no demands.
I can’t figure out where Diana got this information, although I do know that people have talked about me a lot behind my back instead of coming to me. She trusts these people and thus has no reason to believe they are lying or exaggerating.
The organizer, a person who you considered to be like a daughter to you, acted in ways that I just could not understand, and which now I believe would be called gas lighting. Others participated. The situation was very complex and crazy. making for me.
At first I placated everyone, and then at the end I did confront people somewhat sternly because I no longer wanted to allow them to act in ways that kept me from helping DxE in the ways that I understood would be helpful. The situation is so complex it would take a book to explain it.
She seems sweet, but she becomes authoratarian and stubborn.
When did you experience me becoming authoritarian and stubborn? I know you judged me as being wrong when Ellea, who is now banned from DxE, challenged my leadership in choir and I chose to draw a boundary with her. Any leader in DxE draws boundaries and has the authority to make decisions without having to consult everyone in the group.
  She demands an inordinate amount of time from leadership, especially Wayne, who she seems obsessed with.
again what do you define as obsessed? I will admit that I respected him entirely too much. He is a charasmatic leader, and now I am guessing more like a cult leader. He showered such lavish praise on me during core meetings, saying things like, “I would rather support Patricia in being a senior organizer than support Cassie in running for city counsel,” or “I envision Patricia being in charge of the circles group. It’s just a. matter of time.”

So when Wayne complete changed on me and attacked me for what I considered threats to Dxe’s well being to his attention, I was shocked and upset. I really thought he respected me and valued me.

I have heard other testimonies of people who I know and trust, tell me that Wayne did the same thing to them.

Last year, I threatened Wayne that if he did not engage in mediation with me because of what I considered to be totally out of line behavior, I would start blogging about DxE. He was the one who soon decided to give me more attention. I did attend a circles group with him where I accidentally came early–helped him set up, and afterwards helped him clean his kitchen and had a longer talk.
 He and others have given her a lot of time and consideration.  It goes no where.
You are right. it goes nowhere because these people are so fake.
They gave me time and attention when I was doing what they wanted. Working 60 hours a week doing things like writing up really long minutes for the circles group,
Apparently Wayne decided that enough was enough.   They were not in a meeting at the time, but Wayne was preparing for one that was just about to start,  when Patricia demanded that he do mediation with her.
(She had already done mediation with  another leader, Jon.) When Wayne  told he he didn’t want to, she yelled at Wayne.  Paul, who runs the Animal Rights Center, told her to leave.  Wayne went out to talk to her.  He said he would speak to Paul.  But Paul didn’t change his mind because she has repeatedly broken our code of conduct.

In this letter it is said that one other time I pressured someone to engage in mediation. she wa swilling to have 45 minutes. This person told Paul that she didn’t feel safe around me. Paul told me that if I asked for mediation one more time, I would have to leave Dxe.

I did forget that threat–but he had it in his memory, and used it as an excuse to ban me after I pressured a “visitor” (Wayne) to engage in mediation

Did you know that she has been banned from at least two churches?  She told me this in the beginning of our friendship and I was so sad for her.  I’m still sad for her, but after knowing her for at least two years, I know why.
I never told you I was banned from any church. I did choose to leave churches because I was disillusioned with their leadership. I now realize that poor leadership in churches is an epidemic, and I have chosen even not to belong to any organization any more. I will start my own community at long last.
Many people have complained about her treatment of  them to leadership. Patricia creates her own problems.
the problem is–people don’t come to me and be willing to work things out. they gossip behind my back, go to leadershiop–and there is not clear process for resolving conflicts.
And by the way, she isn’t banned for life, no one is.
well, I have a feeling I am now
If you would like to talk to me about this, my number is 510 289 4086.
what other lies will you tell him.
Thank you for your consideration,
You are delusional. I think you are actually an infiltrator, how much are they paying you?
The people who wrote these things didn’t know but they were talking about or they were actively trying to discredit DXE for their own personal reasons such as having been found out lying Etc
Stop trying to destroy us. Most people think that you have ulterior motives and that you’re kind of a kook. Nobody’s listening to you except for people who are easily manipulated. Just stop.
am going to stop engaging with you because I just don’t have the time and it doesn’t seem to be helping anything. If you aren’t an infiltrator I have sympathy for you and I hope you’ll find happiness. You should join another group and I would bet a lot of money that you will be doing something like this with them too. Good luck
  1. Take a deep breath and tell the truth. You are on the stand to relate facts—not your opinion or an exaggeration. Listen to each question carefully and respond clearly and fully. If you need clarification, ask for it. You can respond by saying “I do not know” or “I do not remember.” Try not to ramble. If you need to take a moment to collect yourself, ask for it.