Wayne writes a blog post that smears journalist Saul Elbein. My comment below expresses my opinion based on first hand experience. If you have read this blog at all, or know about DxE and Wayne’s dishonest ways. , make a comment please.

Breaking news on March 30, 2020. When I clicked on the blog post mentioned above, it says: ”

This post is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules.”

It was a VERY long and detailed blog post. Why didn’t I copy it! But I think that Wayne is being exposed. Now on with the story….


I don’t believe much of this story. Wayne has been so deceptive and hurtful to many people. You can read about much of what happened with Brad Johnson in my blog http://www.isdxeacult.wordpress.com Brad says that Wayne basically dropped him after Wayne dropped Brad at the airport. I helped Brad get the rest of the $40,000 that was quickly and easily raised when Wayne put out the word.

I talked to Saul and encouraged him to look at my blog, and look more deeply into DxE’s actions around Brad, and other harmful things they were doing. Saul did not contact me. I contacted him when Brad told me that Saul was interviewing Brad.

Saul did some stories about journalists who were being killed in South America — dangerous, scary work. Of course, I can’t trust him completely because of what I read about him on his website, or because he seemed really sincere when we talked. I don’t trust anyone just because they are charming, friendly, seem to be heroic, and have a way with words. I did that with Wayne Hsiung, and I regret deeply that I trusted him.

Sadly, because DxE completely dropped Brad, he has been undefended. He is not in jail yet, but he says there is a warrant out for his arrest. Brad is far from perfect. Yet I interviewed him through text and talking for about 40 hours, grilling him about every detail that happened with him and Smithfield, and in the process learned a lot about his relationship with Wayne and DxE. I wanted to help Brad, and my efforts did pressure DxE to finally send him the precious papers he needed for his case.

I saw the texts from Bonnie Klapp, his main connection with DxE, and she was so offensive. You can read them on my blog. No one, no matter how messed up they are, (as Wayne tries to describe Brad, who was in desperate straits when they shared time together) deserves the treatment he got from Bonnie.

Please read my blog and make up your mind — about who is telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. http://www.isdxeacult.wordpress.com