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Is DxE A Cult? You Decide

factual evidence which helps you see through the mask of deception

Why I Started This Site

I originally started this because I actually wanted to prove that DxE was NOT a cult. But as time went on, I realized that DxE is a very toxic organization.

I wanted to let people know, using as much evidence as possible, that DxE is not an organization that people would want to get involved in. DxE members will persuade you that the people against DxE do not have good reasons. I was one of those people!

I had my misgivings about DxE because of what people told me. But I believed Wayne and other leaders because they are very persuasive and charismatic.

I wish there had been more information that was solid, where people were willing to use their names, and evidence-based (instead of emotional and often hateful) so I could have avoided so much trauma. I could have also saved a lot of money (I totally funded my full time involvement), time and tears if I could have had such information.

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