Here is an online training Wayne gave to his followers two days ago. 

“Charisma is a skill where you are confident and inspire confidence in others. It is what public figures honed to inspire others to take bold action.
Join DxE co-founder Wayne Hsiung for a training on building charisma. Learn how to generate warmth and presence in your personal interactions and why this is a key skill for organizers and activists.”

I think this proves that people are being trained to be manipulative, and use warmth and presence to get people to think they are joining a loving community. They did this with me–but I don’t think they gave classes in it. I regret that I used my charisma, which is truly sincere–to inspire people to get involved in DxE. I was asked by Paul Pickelsheimer and Kitty Jones to give them any information I gleaned from people as I spoke to them. I was in denial, violating my conscience, because I wanted to please these charismatic